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Happy Bundle is out

🎶 Explore the soulful world of jazz with Arman Ayva’s latest musical masterpiece, ‘Happy Bundle.’ Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and rhythmic bliss that define this new jazz music release. Scheduled to captivate your senses on Feb 1st, Arman Ayva invites you on a journey through ‘Happy Bundle,’ a collection that promises to uplift your spirit and leave you with a musical experience like no other. 🎹 Artist: Arman Ayva 📅 Release Date: February 1st

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Jazz Folk Funk Beats and drums, you name it. There are no constraints to the imagination.

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10 Jan 2024

Blog- The Story Behind the Music

Save the “Funky Jazz Mood Lifter” Playlist

Modern Jazz on Reverbnation

Explore a fresh blend of jazz, funk, and folk for an uplifting musical experience with a modern Armenian jazz composer. I am sure you know me since you are here, if not that is just perfect :). You will have plenty of time to discover me and my music here. Just stick around a bit.


Experiments – Unreleased Soundtracks

Creative mind is given to all of us – Tune-up Now

I presume you appreciate jazz, folk, funk, and the diverse genres that intersect them. I have it all. Even for little kids. Put your headset on, the volume not too high, and enjoy!

Give your feedback, good or bad, I love them all!

Participate in the creative music production process

Criminal Case #68 – Jazz Funk

Listen to unfinished soundtracks that will ultimately become an album and be distributed all over the world. “Citywide tremors as an audacious museum heist unfolds—whispers fill the air that the masterpiece, ‘The Ephemeral Elegance’ by renowned artist Adrian Celestia, has vanished, leaving a void that resonates across

My Favs

Arman Ayva’s “Thirsty Arab (Tales of Scheherazade)”

Thirsty Arab (Tales of Scheherazade) invites us to embark on a musical journey beyond boundaries, transcending the constraints of a single 

My favorite so far

Armenian music, rooted in a rich cultural history, now blends with jazz. This fusion combines traditional Armenian melodies with the improvisational and harmonic complexities of jazz. It preserves the emotive depth of Armenian tunes while integrating the rhythmic and harmonic explorations of jazz, creating a contemporary yet authentic musical expression that resonates with both the past and the present. #jazz #folk #armenian #armangrooves.

Smooth No1

A blend of folk funk and jazz, easy to listen to and get energy 


This charming album is crafted with the intention of creating a soothing and enjoyable musical experience for children before bedtime. The music incorporates acoustic elements, bringing warmth and a gentle atmosphere to the listener’s ears. The infusion of jazz-pop adds a playful and rhythmic dimension, making it engaging for kids while maintaining a relaxing ambiance suitable for bedtime.

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Long for Joy 6 on 8 by Arman Ayva – Description: A melodious track blending rhythmic beats with soulful melodies, creating an atmosphere of joy and contemplation.

Arman Ayva – Topic on Youtube

Thirsty Arab (Tales of Scheherazade)

The music tells a story that is open to interpretation, inviting us to craft our own imaginative narrative. Imagine this: In the vast, unforgiving desert, an Arab merchant and skilled storyteller finds himself lost beneath the blazing sun. With his camel, laden with precious goods, he has ventured too far from the known paths. His water supply dwindles to a mere trickle, and despair settles over him like a relentless sandstorm.

As the merciless sun threatens to claim him, the merchant falls to his knees and whispers a desperate prayer for salvation. And in that moment, as if in response to his plea, a shimmering figure appears before him. It is a Jinn, a mystical being of smokeless fire.

Smooth No 1

Indulge in the enchanting world of ‘Harmonious Fusion: Smooth Jazz Infused with Folk Elegance.’ This captivating musical blend takes you on a sophisticated journey, where the soulful allure of smooth jazz intertwines seamlessly with the timeless charm of folk melodies. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of harmonies, where each note tells a story of refinement and grace. The fusion of these two genres creates a unique sonic landscape that is both soothing and invigorating. Let the elegant synergy of smooth jazz and folk transport you to a realm where musical boundaries dissolve, leaving only the pure essence of harmonious beauty.



Embark on a musical journey filled with the radiant spirit of our ‘Joyful Jazz-Folk’ track. Let the uplifting melodies and vibrant harmonies guide you through moments of pure joy and warmth. This fusion of jazz and folk invites you to embrace the beauty of life with each delightful note. Allow the music to paint a canvas of positivity and serenity, creating a space where joy resonates in every chord. Enjoy the blissful experience of ‘Joyful Jazz-Folk’!

The Bride from North

Introducing our debut musical masterpiece, an eclectic fusion of jazz, folk, and funky grooves that transcends genres and captivates the senses. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of soulful melodies, rhythmic beats, and lyrical storytelling. This inaugural album is a testament to our artistic journey, inviting you on a sonic adventure where each track unveils a unique facet of our musical identity. Join us as we embark on this enchanting exploration of sound, marking the beginning of a musical legacy that promises to resonate with diverse audiences. Experience the magic of our first published album, where the timeless allure of jazz meets the soulful resonance of folk and the infectious energy of funky grooves


Cultural Shock

“Cultural Shock” is a vibrant and dynamic jazz composition that embodies the essence of playfulness, drive, and surprise. The music pulsates with an infectious energy, immediately capturing the listener’s attention. The playful nature of the composition is reflected in the lively and unpredictable interactions between the instruments.

Surprises are woven seamlessly into the fabric of the composition, manifesting as unexpected twists and turns in the melody, sudden shifts in dynamics, and surprising instrumental solos. These surprises add an element of spontaneity and excitement, ensuring that the music remains fresh and engaging from start to finish.


Chasing a Ghost

The presence of the bass guitar throughout the piece provides a solid foundation, anchoring the composition with a rhythmic pulse. The bass line contributes to the overall sense of happiness, injecting a lively and buoyant energy into the music.

The intermittent use of the electric guitar adds a touch of complexity and intrigue to “Chasing a Ghost.” The guitar’s presence, though partial, introduces dynamic elements and perhaps explores melodic nuances, enhancing the overall texture of the composition.

Percussion instruments play a consistent role throughout, contributing to the rhythmic drive of the music. The percussion adds an element of excitement, propelling the listener forward and complementing the happiness conveyed by other musical elements.

Harmonizing Traditions and Modernity: The Musical Odyssey of Arman Ayva, Jazz Producer Extraordinaire

In the dynamic realm of jazz music, Arman Ayva stands as a beacon of creativity, seamlessly blending traditional influences with modern beats. Hailing from Laval, this music producer has been making significant strides in the industry, enchanting audiences with his innovative approach to jazz. Ayva’s journey mirrors the rich musical tapestry of Montreal, a city known for nurturing diverse talents. As a jazz funk musician, he infuses his compositions with the soulful rhythms that characterize the local scene. The fusion of his Laval roots and Montreal’s vibrant musical culture is evident in every note, creating a unique sonic experience that captivates listeners. Embracing the spirit of a new jazz artist in Montreal, Arman Ayva explores uncharted territories within the genre. His work reflects a commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the traditional notions of jazz. Through his artistry, Ayva not only pays homage to the city’s jazz legacy but also contributes to the evolution of the genre, carving out a space for himself as a trailblazing figure. As a modern Armenian jazz composer, Ayva brings his cultural heritage to the forefront, infusing his compositions with the rich tapestry of Armenian musical traditions. The result is a harmonious blend that transcends geographical boundaries, offering a global audience a taste of the cultural diversity that defines his identity. With his tracks gaining popularity on Spotify, Arman Ayva is establishing himself as a noteworthy new jazz musician. His catalog showcases a fresh perspective on the genre, drawing in listeners with its unique melodies and thoughtful arrangements. Ayva’s presence on the platform is a testament to the digital age’s ability to amplify and democratize the reach of talented artists. For those eager to tune in, Montreal’s jazz music radio provides a gateway into Ayva’s musical universe. The city’s radio waves carry the enchanting sounds of this jazz producer, offering a curated selection of his work alongside other local talents. It’s a testament to Montreal’s commitment to fostering a thriving jazz community, where artists like Arman Ayva find a platform to share their craft with the world. In conclusion, Arman Ayva’s musical journey encapsulates the essence of a jazz producer who transcends boundaries. From his roots in Laval to the bustling jazz scene of Montreal, Ayva’s fusion of tradition and modernity paints a vivid sonic landscape. As a jazz musician on Spotify and a contributor to Montreal’s jazz music radio, he invites listeners to join him on a melodic expedition, where the past and present harmonize in the timeless language of jazz.

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  1. Hey Arman,

    Hats off to you on the launch of your new site! Your artistic evolution is something to celebrate. Your music style? Unparalleled. It’s like stepping into a vibrant, sonic universe with each track—a journey I thoroughly enjoy! Your creativity knows no bounds, and it keeps us all hooked. Can’t wait to groove to your upcoming tunes; the anticipation is real.

    Keep surprising us with your musical magic!


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